Sunday, 13 January 2013

Spontaneous 'Here's some WIP Nurgle WoC' Post

Being of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of personality when it comes to hobbies, interests and personal tastes, the 'hobby' has been on a slow burn lately.  First due to the loss of the laptop I used to watch videos on while painting (I find it almost unbearably dull without something in the background) and then due to the acquisition of a decent PC which I can use (and have used, extensively) to play videogames on. Also, during the 6 months or so without a PC of my own and therefore no patience to paint, my painting skills have rusted horribly and so that has bolstered my reluctance to get back in the game.

But I finally went and did some work on some WoC laddies I had knocking about since an impulse buy in the Albatross, Aberystwyth, last August or something. So I herded a few into my lightbox and snapped some things.

 I reckon they're about 70-80% done at this point, need to finish off the horns/skulls/bone and put some more metal flecks/dirty wash layers on the metal, and do the the fur and boots properly. And then I'll probably have a go at some kind of marshy bog base to tie in with the scheme rather than to contrast with it, as is my usual thang. I also did some Devastators which I should snap at some point though I suspect they're at the bottom of a box, and a Dystopian Wars EOTBS Dreadnought, which was an easy paint flat colour/wash like a bitch type deal to break me back in.

I also did a Dark Elf Sorceress that I was mega pleased with but then suffered a fall that snapped her in half and broke her staff, so... sad face. No way to repair her without leaving a scar.

See ya later in any case.

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