Sunday, 13 January 2013

Spontaneous 'Here's some WIP Nurgle WoC' Post

Being of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of personality when it comes to hobbies, interests and personal tastes, the 'hobby' has been on a slow burn lately.  First due to the loss of the laptop I used to watch videos on while painting (I find it almost unbearably dull without something in the background) and then due to the acquisition of a decent PC which I can use (and have used, extensively) to play videogames on. Also, during the 6 months or so without a PC of my own and therefore no patience to paint, my painting skills have rusted horribly and so that has bolstered my reluctance to get back in the game.

But I finally went and did some work on some WoC laddies I had knocking about since an impulse buy in the Albatross, Aberystwyth, last August or something. So I herded a few into my lightbox and snapped some things.

 I reckon they're about 70-80% done at this point, need to finish off the horns/skulls/bone and put some more metal flecks/dirty wash layers on the metal, and do the the fur and boots properly. And then I'll probably have a go at some kind of marshy bog base to tie in with the scheme rather than to contrast with it, as is my usual thang. I also did some Devastators which I should snap at some point though I suspect they're at the bottom of a box, and a Dystopian Wars EOTBS Dreadnought, which was an easy paint flat colour/wash like a bitch type deal to break me back in.

I also did a Dark Elf Sorceress that I was mega pleased with but then suffered a fall that snapped her in half and broke her staff, so... sad face. No way to repair her without leaving a scar.

See ya later in any case.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Infinity Force Updated.

Now with shiny Hac Tao and Orange Karakuri!

Now for some WIP Green & Purple Japanese geisha automatons.

Incidentally, I've stopped using the light box, since it's a little too good at blocking out direct light and the models come out a little too dark to make out all the details.  I'll have to fix it sometime, replace the tissue papers with some thinner tracing paper, and make sure all the insider is white to reflect light better.  Until then, I'll be doing what I'm doing with these pics, putting them in indirect sunlight (or direct sunlight and using Picasa to cheat myself to victory).

Until we meet again.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I got some things done.


I dragged my arse away from playing Demon's Souls (so good) and painted some more things for you to look at.

Most of these are WIP, and some were finished a while ago and didn't get a chance to upload, so the more recent and relevant WIP models first...

Since everything else is going to be Infinity, I'll put this lone Warhammer miniature on the top of the pile: something I wanted to get in metal before GW went and CrapCasted it.

Still some left to do on the blue, red and skin, and I'll probably try to do something with the black (I hate highlighting black).  The model is also a must-add for one of my theoretical Druchii all-cavalry lists, but I mostly wanted to get it before Finecast and I wanted to support a LGS since I happened to be in the area.

Next, le Karakuri.  Like robotic geisha girls with lots of weapons.

This is the one I'm doing at the moment, about 66% finished I reckon, the other two are barely basecoated:

One will be a sort of light neon green, and the other will be some shade of purple, one hopes.

Next is the Hac Tao:

I thought the some yellow stripes were desperately needed to break the monotonous blue body.

That ends the WIP section, now here some things I did finish.

First are the last two Ninja I finished a while ago:

The Ninja Hacker.

Shinobu Kitsune.

Then there's the Shang Ji Invincible, which is an all-purpose Heavy Infantry who has an under-slung flamethrower on his gun.

And lastly a Tokusetsu Butai, a cheaper doctor/engineer unit with an inferior Ballistic Skill, which is fine, since you really shouldn't be using your doctor to shoot things.

That's it for now, back to the futile search for employment.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yummy Postman-Presents (Infinity Unboxing).

I recently ran out of Infinity models to paint.  After indulging myself in such fine miniatures, I lacked the will to paint Games Workshop miniatures which seem clumsy and misshapen in comparison.  Seriously, it's like comparing a proper take-away curry to those meal-for-one things you pop in the microwave.

So I got some more.

A Karakuri box, a Shang-Ji Invincible and a Hac Tao.  Because Yu-Jing is the massed heavy infantry faction.

I like the way they're packaged so much, I'm just gonna post photos.

Single blisters come in a plastic container that is very easy to open;
tear off the cardboard tag on the top and a single staple is the only thing between you and a great mini.
Opening a box of blisters is like a treasure chest moment.

Lovely models!

If I come across as slightly gushing - it's because I am, that's why.

On to the blisters themselves:

Karakuri x3
Those. Look. Fiddly.  Incredibly so.  But so worth it to have android geisha girls with guns.
Like this.
Next is the Shang Ji Invincible, a basic all-purpose heavy infantry selection - something I desperately need considering my Japanese Sectorial Set is extremely specialized to short-range combat.
So something that doesn't need an inordinate amount of supporting fire just to get in range of an enemy is rather nice (looking at you Domaru Butai).

Last is the Hac Tao with a missile launcher.

Think of her as an invisible terminator (40k termie, not Schwarzenegger) with a missile launcher, and remember that this is a missile launcher in a skirmish game.  Sometimes considered cheese.

Still, I consider her official paintjob to be rather dull, so I'm looking forward to see what I can do with her.

That's it for now, got job interview to fail in 40 minutes time!
Happy dice rolling.