Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back (technically) but sluggish.

Just a quickie here, I am back from France/Spain (which I enjoyed, thank you), and have been continuing painting on the Dragon, however other things have been grabbing my attention with little respite, and my current paint-station is regrettably cramped enough to decrease my enthusiasm to paint.

However, I have been enthusiastic about something *kinda* Hobby-wise lately, the new Warhammer 40k game THQ are giving us.  After a series of very good RTS games in the shape of the Dawn of War and Dawn of War 2 series + expansions, their 'Warhammer 40k: Space Marine' is a third-person shooter/fighter game following an Ultramarines Captain (apologies to those who hate the Smurfs) kicking arse on a Forge World.  Demos on all platforms should be out by now, Steam for PC users, Xbox Live for ... Xbox (duh) and the Playstation Network Demo should be out today, tomorrow in the UK as they update on a Thursday.

There also promises to be 8 vs 8 Multiplayer between Loyalist and Chaos Marines, with the classes, Tactical Marine/Chaos Space Marine, Devastaror/Havok and Assault (or might have been Vanguard)/Raptor.  In this part, you can customize your marine to high heaven with a reported/bragged billion different combinations of Power armour set-ups.

For now though, I shall be supremely lazy and simply leave you with a video of a Youtube Commentary-User playing through said demo.  It is quite funny, and I recommend simply watching it on Youtube, the screen here seems to be quite titchy.

I shall leave you with a question: are you thinking of getting it?

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