Tuesday, 6 September 2011

INFINITY and beyond

Ah, Toy Story...

Good times...  Incidentally, Paint Shop Pro = hours of fun.

Anyway, back to business.  Job hunting is currently a process akin to mining coal using a pick made of marshmallows and glitter, so I though "Sod it" for a day, and went back to painting my INFINITY models.  I briefly explained what Infinity is in a previous post, and repeating myself would technically be redundant.  However, as our minds eagerly accumulate new information every day and only some of it useful I'm sure, we do have a tendency to forget.

Suffice to say that Infinity is a skirmish game in an alternate future that is for once, not dystopian.  Which of course isn't unique in itself by a long shot, but considering how Warhammer "there is only war" 40,000 dominates the field at the moment, and how the second-runner, Warhammer "there is pretty much only war and witchcraft and burning witches" Fantasy Battle is also a bit morally... vague.  In contrast, Infinity is all bright and sparkly with anime-esque artwork and design, with stock futuristic weapons and anti-gothicness (well, the Teutonic Knights are quite gothic I suppose).  If lack of grimdark doesn't rock your boat, that's all good.

In Infinity, war isn't something humanity does because it's survival is under threat, war is something they do because... well that's what humanity does.  Eat, drink, poo, watch rubbish reality TV shows and wage war.  The lines are drawn along pretty neat and possibly unsurprising lines; Panoceania, the advanced, rich Western culture; Yu Jing, its far-eastern rival; Ariadne, separatist colonists; Haqqislam, the "New Islam" which is more of a desert army/ Islam *before* the fundamentalist mindset became prevalent.  Then there's the Nomads, a religious space-station-dwelling lot; the Combined army, who are the game's only aliens; and ALEPH, a supercomputer that essentially runs all of humanity's advanced technology.  Lastly, you have mercenaries, which can be hired by any faction, and (maybe? possibly) fielded as a separate army.

Now, I have meandered enough.  If you want to know moar about Infinity, here is a post by dicerolla which itself links to several other posts by Frontline Gamer who is an unashamed convert to the Hispanic venture.

And now... Keisotsu Butai!  Essentially an ethnic minority (well, the Japanese) that the Yu Jing empire uses as cannon fodder in high-risk operations.

Painting them was a complete and truly joyful experience.  Darren Latham, formerly of 'Eavy Metal, said of Seb Perbert's Deathmaster Snikch model that it was a beautiful model that seemed to be begging to be married to an equally beautiful paintjob.  Well, I don't know if I've done them justice.  But it was also good to paint models that have 'True Scale' proportions instead of GW/PP's 'Hero Scale' proportions.  Something refreshing about it somehow.

The Mustachio

The Female


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That's all folks!

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