Friday, 25 November 2011


Hi, me again.

Finally did something I should have done ages ago.  Moved my paint station to the room I actually spend time in, as opposed to the one that's freezing cold.  The reason I didn't earlier is ... stupid and not worth mentioning actually.  And there were too much paper for Jobseeking on the desk, but they've done me no good so far, so pots of paint might as well go there instead.

So, I actually got something done.  For bleeding once.  Yay!

Behold and despair.

 I finished painting my Japanese Sectorial Army Starter Set.  Which I got early last Summer, and contains a grand total of six (6) models.  Took me about as many months to get round to it, and probably about as many hours per miniature.  Maybe less, I dunno.

Anyway, the hooded fellow up yonder is a Kempeitai - a member of a shadowy unit of Japanese Nationalists who have infiltrated the Yu-Jing Empire (once China but now rules most of the Far East) Army, and fight for Japan's independence from within using sabotage and assassination methods.

Next be the Domaru Butai.  This guy was a pain to assemble.  When I assemble my little plastic Astartes, the trickiest bit is always gluing the arms on.  Because I can't just glue an arm on by itself, it needs to be in the correct position to hold the bolter so the other hand can hold it.  So have I glue them all on at the same time, and make sure they don't slip out of place.  Now imagine something a bit like that with smaller bits and metal/superglue.  Yeah.

Fluffwise - he's a Samurai.  Nuff said.

And saving the best for last, the Oniwaban.  The Ninja Chief.  The Gardener.  Gardener?  Aye, that's what Oniwaban means, apparently.  But not because of his love of Petunias and Rhododendrons, but because of his knowledge of plants and manufacture of poisons.  Personally, I think that this is the most badass miniature I've ever painted, and it's another reason why I love Corvus Belli; for bringing me this 28-mm shard of awesomeness.

 Here's a few more mixed shots.
The entire starter box - finished.
The Three Musketeers
The Three Amigos
 And there we are.  If I had any decent terrain (which I don't), I'd have put them on it.  But, oh well.

Now, if I were to expand and go for the 300-point mark (currently around 150-ish), I'd go for another Domaru, probably drop the Kempeitai, take on some more Keisotsu for orders or possibly, possibly, go for a Ninja with a sniper.  We'll see.

Next on my project list will probably be to finish off my Blazing Sun Flyers/Cruisers, so that's most likely when you'll see me next.  Adios!

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