Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ithilien Rangers

Watching the Hobbit trailer a few weeks ago re-awoke my passion for the original fantasy world of the Lord of the Rings.  Well technically, the first would probably be R.E. Howard's Hyboria, but we all know it was Tolkien who kick-started the fantasy genre as we know it.

I digress.

  So I had a rummage for good LotR models and found some Southern DĂșnedain to paint, because they're probably the closest thing LotR has to ninjas.

Many of you might not have played/bought the LotR wargame, so you might not know that the plastic models almost always come in packs of 12, usually in three 'wargear option' groups of four.  Ithilien Rangers come in groups of four archers, four with spears and four with swords.  That's mostly for aesthetic diversity, as the basic wargear for all of them include a sword and a bow, only the spear dudes are different in-game.  I did the four spear-dudes first.

 These were painted to be tabletop level rather than a serious go at painting, plus my camera sucks.
Also, I know some people out there don't like the LotR models (I'm looking at you, Smurf) but I still don't like Sisters of Battle, so nyah.

Anyway, that's it for naw.


  1. Huh, i didnt know you collected LotR!

    Nice tidy paint job!

  2. It's what first roped me into wargaming in 2002 - GW's Battle Games in Middle Earth magazine. Only managed the first two issues before parents declared they weren't spending that much money on me for something I'd probably get bored of before long anyway. Ha! Picked it back up in 2005/6, only expanded from there.
    True story.

  3. Mae 'sisters of battle' yn well na 'LOTR':p

  4. Os ti'n dweud, os ti'n dweud...

    (Your subjective opinion is noted.)