Thursday, 5 January 2012

White Swords Tactical Squad

So, a little while ago I read a Horus Heresy novel (First Heretic) and then I realized why I shouldn't read Horus Heresy novels.  They invoke a strong need in me to paint Spess Mehreens.  I succumbed.  Damn.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any 'new' Space Marines in boxes or waiting to painted, and I'm too skint to buy any, so I turned to my first Space Marines, with their over-thick coats of paint and badly-stuck-on-transfers and undercoated them black.  Their poses aren't anything artistic because I had to paint them as they came, but time to redeem their paintjobs somewhat...

Tactical Squad Cassius

Sgt. Cassius

Evidently assembled during my "no such thing as too much purity scrolls" phase.








Combat Squad Cassius (the back two are Andrew and Teslos)

Combat Squad Lucius
And yes, I name all of my Space Marines.  If I had a Tyranid army, I'm pretty sure I'd try name all of the Gaunts and Genestealers too.

These lot aren't based because the Hornby SkaleScenic gravel I usually use for this Chapter is playing a very fine game of hide-and-seek at the moment, so the bases will have to be completed at a later date.

I wasn't gonna go as crazy with the freehand for this lot as I could have because they be a humble tactical squad, who have not yet earned their battle honours.  That goes to the 1st Company squads.

Righty-ho, I'm off then.  Happy dice-rolling!


  1. Your painting makes me seriously jealous.
    Just found your blog and looking down the posts... Ugh.
    :P Keep it up! :D

  2. Ha! Thanks, I know that feeling. Welcome to the blog that sometimes has Dark Elves in it.

  3. Nice schemme colour !

    Great Blog!

    Im following you!

    You can follow me too, i Got a Painting blog!

  4. Ah, 'tis a lovely contrast, that between the dark and the shining hued blue, old man!

  5. A hue I developed with my Dark Elf army, their old colours were much more Ultramarine Blue.