Friday, 10 February 2012

Infinity: Ninja

So, many of my photographs from now on may seem different.  That's because of this thing:

Behold my new state-of-the-art high-spec no-expenses-spared MLG awesome-to-the-max (rubbish) Lightbox.
I am very proud of myself, yes I am.

Sarcasm aside, here's what I put in it (and then cheated by running them through Picasa).

First is this here Tango Ninja, I went for a scheme that ended up looking like the bad guy from Tron: Legacy, which isn't necessarily a bad look in my opinion.  In the original studio colour scheme, the Ninja are all in bright Neon green colours - an interesting juxtaposition with their stealth role I thought - so I wanted to have the same kind 'you shouldn't wear orange if you're trying to not be noticed' kind of vibe to them.  The fluff reasons for them being successful in their stealth of course is that they have invisibility fields.  More or less.

The second Ninja is one I got from Maelstrom because Maelstrom (as opposed to Wayland) give clear information on how much stock of model X they currently have - thus when two of the models I ordered from Wayland were out of stock (and given full refund, fair do's) I got them from Maelstrom instead.

Here's the Barbie Sniper:

I have two other Ninja set to paint and a green Oniwaban already done, so, yeah I'm doing Power Rangers.  If Power Rangers were invisible and used lethal force.  They should so do that.

Anyway, many scoff at the mere idea of a sniper ninja, seeing as how the Ninja's high CC skill is entirely wasted as you sit at one end of a fire-lane.  In fairness though, CC is extremely risky even for a vanilla-equipped Ninja, who'd be better off shooting at enemies with a Combi-Rifle.  Shooting lessens the risk of discovery and gives you 3 dice to kill your enemy with instead of CC's 1.

One last 'BBF' shot.
Well, I've got the Hacker Ninja and Shibobu Kitsune left to paint, so I'll get on those sooner or later.  If they'll be next is anyone's guess as I have a hankering to get some LotR rangers and some Khador Warjacks painted and out of the way, so we'll see eh?

Any painting or photography comments, criticism, advice, insults and/or slander welcome and encouraged.  May your fingers remain unstuck of super-glue.


  1. Very nice! The light box really makes a difference! I've just written a post about this!

    Nice work on the minis to!

  2. I have to say running them through Auto-Contrast and Auto-Colour on Picasa did as much for them if not a little more than the light box did. Courtesy of advice via the Official Infinity Forums...

  3. Yeah the features on picasa have been aiding my pics no end too! Loving the mini's btw. They suit your painting style down to the ground! Gywich, dwi ddim yn gallu aros i weld myw!

    1. Diolch yn fawr, Smurf. If you'll allow me to be a spelling Nazi - 'Gwych' a 'mwy', but they could have been typo's for all I know. I hope my next lot will be just as good.

    2. From memory I'm afraid. Now I look at it, myw doesn't make any sense! Thanks for the corrections, that's how I learn :)

  4. The paintjobs and photos look good. I am further tempted to make myself a lightbox. My minor complaint is that some of the photos seem a little dark.

    About BS vs CC, while I definitely agree that shooting is a much safer bet, if you can get into base contact (the tricky part) with an EXP CCW Ninja, I'd give him very good odds of killing a typical model. Hitting once with your CC 18 would be like hitting all 3 shots with your BS 11, and would actually do more damage because they don't have cover.

    1. I was working with two desk lamps and a ceiling light, I know the optimal recommended setup requires at least another desk lamp, but I couldn't find one that was handy enough to steal.

      As for using a Ninja for shooty shooty or stabby stabby, it's really a scenario-specific most of the time to evaluate which is would be most effective and safest, and sometimes, hey, gambles must be taken. But I take your point about the EXP CCW negating any +3 ARM modifiers (as long as you're attacking cheerleaders and not anything 'dangerous' of course).