Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I got some things done.


I dragged my arse away from playing Demon's Souls (so good) and painted some more things for you to look at.

Most of these are WIP, and some were finished a while ago and didn't get a chance to upload, so the more recent and relevant WIP models first...

Since everything else is going to be Infinity, I'll put this lone Warhammer miniature on the top of the pile: something I wanted to get in metal before GW went and CrapCasted it.

Still some left to do on the blue, red and skin, and I'll probably try to do something with the black (I hate highlighting black).  The model is also a must-add for one of my theoretical Druchii all-cavalry lists, but I mostly wanted to get it before Finecast and I wanted to support a LGS since I happened to be in the area.

Next, le Karakuri.  Like robotic geisha girls with lots of weapons.

This is the one I'm doing at the moment, about 66% finished I reckon, the other two are barely basecoated:

One will be a sort of light neon green, and the other will be some shade of purple, one hopes.

Next is the Hac Tao:

I thought the some yellow stripes were desperately needed to break the monotonous blue body.

That ends the WIP section, now here some things I did finish.

First are the last two Ninja I finished a while ago:

The Ninja Hacker.

Shinobu Kitsune.

Then there's the Shang Ji Invincible, which is an all-purpose Heavy Infantry who has an under-slung flamethrower on his gun.

And lastly a Tokusetsu Butai, a cheaper doctor/engineer unit with an inferior Ballistic Skill, which is fine, since you really shouldn't be using your doctor to shoot things.

That's it for now, back to the futile search for employment.

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