Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yummy Postman-Presents (Infinity Unboxing).

I recently ran out of Infinity models to paint.  After indulging myself in such fine miniatures, I lacked the will to paint Games Workshop miniatures which seem clumsy and misshapen in comparison.  Seriously, it's like comparing a proper take-away curry to those meal-for-one things you pop in the microwave.

So I got some more.

A Karakuri box, a Shang-Ji Invincible and a Hac Tao.  Because Yu-Jing is the massed heavy infantry faction.

I like the way they're packaged so much, I'm just gonna post photos.

Single blisters come in a plastic container that is very easy to open;
tear off the cardboard tag on the top and a single staple is the only thing between you and a great mini.
Opening a box of blisters is like a treasure chest moment.

Lovely models!

If I come across as slightly gushing - it's because I am, that's why.

On to the blisters themselves:

Karakuri x3
Those. Look. Fiddly.  Incredibly so.  But so worth it to have android geisha girls with guns.
Like this.
Next is the Shang Ji Invincible, a basic all-purpose heavy infantry selection - something I desperately need considering my Japanese Sectorial Set is extremely specialized to short-range combat.
So something that doesn't need an inordinate amount of supporting fire just to get in range of an enemy is rather nice (looking at you Domaru Butai).

Last is the Hac Tao with a missile launcher.

Think of her as an invisible terminator (40k termie, not Schwarzenegger) with a missile launcher, and remember that this is a missile launcher in a skirmish game.  Sometimes considered cheese.

Still, I consider her official paintjob to be rather dull, so I'm looking forward to see what I can do with her.

That's it for now, got job interview to fail in 40 minutes time!
Happy dice rolling.


  1. Glad you love Infinity mini's! It's a starling experience when you first get one in your hands and realise how good they actually are. Good luck with the job interview, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    1. My first models, the Keisotsu, were a weird experience, my paintbrush seemed too big to paint them, but you get used to the feeling after a while.
      Incidentally, the interview was for a relief post, i.e. 0 guaranteed hours. Better than nothing/good experience is what I'm taking away from it.

    2. Ah well. Never mind. I suppose we both just have to keep plugging away at it I guess. I'm desperate for something to pop up soon. It's been far too long for me out of work.