Friday, 8 July 2011

Dark Elves!!!

Righty-ho, so while I did manage to finish painting Durin the Deathless, Lord and Master of Khazad-Dum, he was too short shy to be transferred from the camera to the laptop and therefore will not be making an appearance.  Instead, I decided to upload Dark Elves!  Also known as Druchii, hence the blog title, and obviously more fitting to be the first proper post. 

What I've uploaded are a few of my Dark Elf character models, of which I have too many for a 2500 point force, so I've been playing Mordheim with some of them instead.
Cynik of the Blades and Hothgar Eaglebolt

 These two models are Dark Elves I converted entirely to use in Mordheim, though I have no doubt I'll find uses for them in WHFB as well.  Both are kit-bashes, with Cynik requiring more green stuff and inventive thinking.  I tend to equip Cynik with Blood Armour, which makes his armour save better the more he kills, and Hothgar with the magical crossbow that Dark Elves have, shoots 3 strength 4 armour piercing hits that always, always hits on a 2+.  Yummy.

I have no idea why there's a dragon on his shoulder either.
My first and main Dreadlord, Malek Blighteye.  Gave him a yellow right eye by mistake then decided to run with it.  When I lose, he's usually the last one of my army to remain on the field, since I give him a 1+ armour save, a ward save that gets better the higher the attack's strength, and an item that means he always takes leadership tests on his Leadership value of 10.  Love the model as well, certainly prefer it over its variant with hand weapon and shield.
Not this one.
'Twas indeed the Malus Darkblade books by Mike Lee, adapted from the graphic novels by Dan Abnett, that inspired me to collect the Dark Kin of Naggaroth.  The only way you can field Malus is on the back of his Cold One, however, I was more interested in the Malus-on-foot model, which was a limited edition back in 2001 or something.  So I got one off eBay, from Israel, believe it or not.  I painted Malus vaguely the same colour scheme as the rest (blue armour, red cloth, gold trimmings), but tried to tone them down enough to imply that he is of a position above the need for uniform markings, but left made sure he still looked part of the force.

Invus the Damned
Here's my Sorcerer.  I know, I know, Dark Elves are only supposed to have female magickers, but I really didn't like any of the Sorceress models available (until the plastic one released with Storm of Magic, but by then it was too late), so amended the background of my army to include that Malek Blighteye gained his cursed eye due to a disagreement with a Sorceress, and that his sons, Cynik and Hothgar, were also thrust upon him by a different Sorceress (he killed both Sorceresses) and so he really doesn't like using Sorceresses of the Dark Convent, and instead occasionally employs the services of this illegal Shadow Wizard.  I'm gonna probably buy that new Sorceress model though, and I hate inconsistencies between background and army composition, so I'm gonna have to invent some way of fielding Sorceresses in the same army as an outlaw mage and a dreadlord who really hates Sorceresses.  Ah well.
    Incidentally, that's a Mordheim Elf mage model, probably meant for the High variety, but I made him better.  Tried to conform with existing paint scheme while making his clothes look a bit shabby, since he is renegade.

Anyways, that's all for now folks!  Durin to come soon(ish) and I'll try and upload some kind of current project up for you to follow or something.

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