Monday, 11 July 2011

Durin the Deathless.

Considering the hobby we share, it might not come as a surprise to anyone when I tell you that I was a bit of a Lord of the Rings fanboy in my early teens (i.e. directly after the movies came out) and after a spate of reading the books over and over and over, the Hobbit once (not epic enough) and the Silmarillion three times (most people find once an impossible task), I discovered the wargaming bit, through the Battle Games in Middle Earth magazine.  Needless to say, I could not fund a subscription at so young an age, the parents had trepidations about investing in a new interest that might not last (oh, how wrong they were) and it would be some time before I returned to painting little plastic men.  Or Dwarves, as it happened.  They weren't the first models for me to rediscover, but they are still my favorite LotR army.  I can't tell why I like them, and to be honest, I'd likely be collecting WHBF Dwarves by now if it weren't for the blackpowder weapons and the caricature-styled models they have.
    But I digress, it was mere days ago that I finished painting Durin, King of Khazad-Dum at the height of its power, before his reign was cut short by the awakening of the Balrog.  And I'm slightly proud of him.



Over the Shoulder
Took me a while to get the files because they were taken in MPO format (look it up if you're that interested), but this is my painted Durin. He comes as part of a pair, with his bodyguard, Mardin, whom I hope to paint at some point in the intermediate future, but for now, I shall divert my attention to some INFINITY models. I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't heard of this game system, but I bought some models simply for their fantastic quality and anime-ish look.  'Till next time.

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