Monday, 18 July 2011

Spess Mehreens.

Seeing as how blogs are supposed to be updates of what you have done lately, and seeing as how I haven't gotten round to the most popular wargame of this day and age yet, I thought now would be a good idea to show you the Space Marine Chapter Master kitbash/conversion I assembled when I was supposed to be doing an essay sometime last term and painted when I should have been revising (well, probably).  I might add a few more pics of other Astartes models, depending on how I feel about it a few inches down.  Oh, the suspense!

A brief little fluff explanation for the base/ model.  The White Swords Chapter were nearly annihilated during the closing days of the 41st millennium. During one of the rare ceremonial events that would see the entire Chapter gather as one, almost 60% of the Chapter defected to Chaos.  As the White Swords' Fortress-Monastery, Bladehenge, was built in the middle of a substantial Hive area, the White Swords loyalists had to trap their heretical brethren within Bladehenge and destroy them lest they escape to wreak death upon the innocent (to little avail, as a renegade Chaos force arrived shortly afterwards which was met by an Imperial force and the hive saw war anyway).  Luckily, none of the 1st Company, except their Captain, turned traitor and in hindsight, it was only this fact that allowed the loyalists to win the battle within Bladehenge despite being outnumbered.  Only 189 Marines survived.

This model, therefore, is the Chapter Master, while leading the counter-attack against the traitors within his own Fortress-Monastery.  I used a GW WHBF modular movement tray base as the tiled floor, GW paints to paint, Tamiya clear red for the lovely arterial blood, various bits from my bitz box to decorate, some green stuff somewhere and I think the sand/rocks and the grass were some kind of Hornby product, though I cannot recall precisely.

In-game, I use him as Pedro Kantor, a) because the model demands it, b) Pedro's army builds are often overlooked in favour of the cheese that is Vulkan, or Lysander (mostly Vulkan),c) the fluff is quite similar, though I honestly didn't realize it until way in.  Honestly.  I can be slow on the uptake like that.

Right, I can manage one more Astartes for tonight, and then I'll be off.  He's a Devastator Sergeant, who will never, ever use his Bolter (most probably).  Devvy Sergs can forgo their own shooting attack in order to give one of their better-armed fellows a BS5 shot that turn.  A heavy weapon hitting on a 2, or an extra S4 AP5 Rapid Fire attack?  No contest.  He's going to be out of range of what the Lascannons and Plasma Cannons are gonna be firing at anyway, so if the Bolter's going to be essentially an ornament...

.. then lets add one more Bolter he'll never use.

I could upload more, but seeing as there's already an existing gallery of some of my models on the interweb  (here), I shall merely inform you of its existence and bid you au revoir.


  1. Nice looking marine the blue, red & white goes well without making him look like Captain America.

    Cupboard of Nurgle

  2. Y'know, I can never connect the colour schemes of GW miniatures with the colour scheme of something outside the hobby. I remeber having a red, white and green colour scheme for a Tau force in Dark Crusade, and it took a friend to point out tome that I'd put them in a Santa Claus colour scheme.
    If it did look like Captain America, I wouldn't be complaining much though.