Saturday, 15 October 2011

Black Dragon with Dreadlady finally finito.

As some of you may recall, I began a painting a Dark Elf Black Dragon from GW's Summer 'Storm of Magic' Expansion push.  Frankly, I believe that the entire shablang is a push in the wrong direction from Gw's marketing side, instead of creating new games they're trying to push people to play their existing games on a larger scale, which I think makes it much harder for new gamers to get into the hobby.  Dreadfleet is a push in the right direction in this regard, it's a pity that it apparently sucks.  But as a Druchii player, the option of finally owning a Dreadlord on a Black Dragon was simply too tasty to pass, so here I am.  It could have been a Sorceress of course, but I compromised by making a female Dreadlord by using one of the Sorceress heads.  Technically they do exist in Druchii society, even though in times of peace, the female highborn Dark Elves are expected to plot against their husbands' enemies and poison rivals and so on.  Looks like this one didn't fancy it...  Enough talk, now pics!

I am sorry that this took so long, I am an extremely whimsical person who often follows his urges instead of his brains, and sometimes I don't feel like painting, sometimes I do.  With this finished and out of the way, we'll see what I'll do next.

That's all folks!


  1. wow, looks amazing mate! Well worth the time taken. I love that base too, it justifies the pose of the dragon

  2. A really cracking paintjob there mate! You've really done this model justice!

  3. Thanks all. Didn't take that much time per se, I just get distracted easi- ooh, a bird!