Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Scorpions and Destroyers.

Just a pic-update post.


 I would have added (and still may add) more diverse foliage but I didn't have the materials.

Destroyer WIP

It's a Soviet steam-powered magically-controlled mech that can shoot and ax.  Basically.

Can I just say that Privateer Press plastics (or maybe just this batch) was super low quality.  I tried plastic glue, super glue, even Bostick All-Purpose and it wouldn't stay together.  This specimen is held together by cocktail-stick pinning and green stuff.  See how the right arm sticks out more?  That's what that is.  I've given the second Warjack a fairy liquid water bath to see if that's what was required, but I've never come across miniature plastic that a tube of Polycement couldn't bond before.  That Warjack is a fair bit further along by this point, now that I think of it...

Right, got to try for job tomorrow (today, oops).  Happy snake-eyes!

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