Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day Post

 As in - 'I began writing this on  Boxing Day, but the amount of pics I uploaded slowed it down till one in the morning the following day'.  Merry Christmas/Happy New Year anyway. Or the equivalent celebratory phrase in your culture/religion/local 24-hour Spar.

This is simply a good a time as any to upload some pictures of my Dystopian Wars fleet/models which I finished painting a little while ago.  Far from my ideal list, which would include more Scout Gyros, more Frigates and possibly two Dreadnaughts (Dreadnoughts?), but it'll make do.  Not the Cruisers though, they either sink or get captured.

Incidentally, I didn't have a sea-mat/base so the ships could look all authentic and on the actual ocean or anything, so I put them on this greyish thing.  You could pretend it's a really, really dirty sea on a very overcast day.



Cruisers (the idiots with NO turrets)

Frigates (a.k.a late-game battleship killers)

Tiny Flyers

Rogue Brittannian Token that got conscripted into the glorious EotBS airfleet regardless.
Medium Bombers

Scout Gyros (wish I had 4 more)

Sky Fortress

Apparently I only had this blurry-ass photo.  Will be rectified as soon as possible.

And finally, the entire fleet of the Empire of the Blazing Sun.

On a really dirty sea on a very overcast day.
Right.  Well, usually a phrase about being overstuffed with Turkey and Pudding enters around here this time of year, but it wouldn't be true in my case, I've gone into an annoying habit of eating only as much as I need to eat instead of eating until I'm no longer hungry, which is probably just as well, I'm always hungry.

Hope everyone had a good haul this year, I'm still waiting for my Tsukuyomi War Gyro to come from Wayland (Mother was quite upset that it didn't come in time) so I'm gonna have to take Mam's account over and hassle them for it.

That's it for naw, cheers!


  1. damn those japs sinking my battleship last game to a luck magazine explosion!

    Great finish on them, I do envy your finished fleet!

  2. @GoldenKaos, I love your Jap fleet buddy. So sorry I didn't know you had a blog!!!

    Feel really, really bad now. You'll be on my blog roll as soon as Blogger stops fecking around.

  3. Heh, no problemo mate, always good to make moar connections in the Blog community!