Friday, 2 March 2012

New Stuff Day (?)

Apparently it's 'old stuff day' today for bloggers.  I.e. blog necromancy/nostalgia trip.  Bringing some posts that didn't receive as much attention as the should have (with lower follower numbers in the past and all).

Unfortunately, my blog is not exactly 'old', not being even a year old yet, and the number of posts I have put out is also rather small.  So... I'm just gonna show you what I've been working on lately.

First off, my current project - Shinobu Kitsune WIP.

A special character ninja.  Now, my struggle to find a suitable palette choice for the colours of this model led to the first time I actually went on the forums, begging bowl in hand, to ask for advice.  I was told by someone regarding one of my other ninja that black highlighted with grey was too dull and I should use a subtle highlight of the complementing colour. 

Long story short, I tried to make blue with black subtly highlighted red and came out with blue and black unsubtly highlighted orange.  I'm generally quite happy with this, as it does accentuate the cyberpunk anime feel of Infinity, though it does mean that she won't quite fit in with the rest of the ninja, as they are simply *bright colour* and grey-shaded black.

Oh well, she's a named character, she gets perks.

And then some Dark Elf updates:

First, me trying to remember how to paint Black Guard.  The one on the left is a heavily damaged and chipped model I painted about two years ago - the one on the right is one I began painting about a week ago.  I'm keeping the old one close for reference as I try to remember the combination of washes and highlights I used to paint them.

Then some Witch Elves:

Mostly stretching my legs as regards to the skin tone and the hair, which are the two new factors that these models posses in comparison to my existing army.  That and working out where each colour will go and so forth.  These three will accompany the Cauldron, so it's a good place to work out the colour scheme in preparation for when/if I get some proper Witch Elves.

That's pretty much it for today then, au revoir.


  1. Really loving your Infinity mini's mate! Might have to grab some myself and give them a go!

    1. They are great. Probably the best miniature range of any company today.